Upcoming Programs

NLP Diploma Program

Empower Yourself to achieve personal and professional goals!

The 2-day workshop will help participants:

  • •  Understand what NLP is
  • •  Learn about right brain and left brain
  • •  Understand emotions better
  • •  Communicate better
  • •  Develop Rapport
  • •  Learn anchoring
  • •  Learn how to get into a high performance state
  • •  Get over fears and phobias
  • •  Utilize their unconscious mind
  • •  Set and achieve outcomes

Date: 24th April, 2022

Venue: Andheri, Mumbai

Contact: On 7710055369 or info@empoweredminds.co


Gavin Rego, the trainer for this program, is a certified NLP Trainer (IPANLP), NLP Master Practitioner (Genius Ltd., UK), New Code NLP Practitioner (IPANLP), NLP Practitioner (Dr. Dick McHugh) and has managed teams and led the Human Resources Dept. in his past roles. Apart from NLP he is also a Behavioural Skills trainer who has trained more than 12000 participants across 68 cities of of India.